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JMG-APP Wind-Kite Lite (Wind-Kite Pro in Lite version)



The lite version of the Wind-Kite Pro application for the practice of windsurfing, windfoil, kitesurf, kitefoil, wingsurf, wingfoil, snowkite and sand yachting (on land and on ice).


It incorporates all the metrics and the main features and options of its big sister, as well as the same calculation algorithms (jumps, jibes, etc.) but with a number of screens reduced to two. So you will get the same reliability and accuracy of results, but in a more simple and light format.


All Garmin models are compatible, except for the oldest ones (Fenix 3 series, Forerunner 230, 630, etc, due to insufficient memory). For these models, please choose and select the Wind-Kite Pro application.


However, there is a slight difference in the version proposed for Instinct 2 type models, due to an insufficient amount of memory: the display of statistics (global and last session) and the Beaufort scale are not available.

Small note for users of a model that can only run an application up to 124 KB of memory:

users with a watch model that can only support the HIGH 124 version of the Wind-Kite Pro app (Fenix5 series, Vivoactive 3, etc, see the full list in the Wind-Kite Pro app user manual), but who would like to be able to save in the FIT file all metrics/data/graphs of the HIGH 1024 version, should download and use this Wind-Kite Lite app. Indeed, this Wind-Kite Lite application saves in the FIT file exactly the same data as the HIGH 1024 version of the Wind-Kite Pro application, with the exception of the feeling of the session. Everything else is strictly identical.

In summary, if you want to focus on the amount of data recorded in the FIT file, this is the Lite version for you, otherwise, if you prefer a larger number of screens and only the essential metrics in the FIT file, you will prefer the Pro version instead.

Features offered

  • main screen tilts 30° left (right wrist watch) or right (left wrist watch)
  • all the essential metrics dedicated to the practice: distance, duration of the session, HR, average and max speeds, best average speeds over 2, 5, 10, 30 seconds, and on Alpha500, VMG, jibe scores
  • height / length / airtime for each jump
  • wind data manually set or recovered via 5 weather servers of your choice, with consideration of forecasts for the day (Garmin weather, OpenWeatherMap, WeatherBit, ClimaCell, StromGlass)
  • up to 7 displayable data for each of the 2 fields of the main screen + time / stopwatch / alternate for the central field
  • choice between several GPS constellations
  • Eco mode (allows you to activate / deactivate certain functions of the application, according to your needs and use)
  • Beaufort scale display

For more detailed or more precise explanations on the use and meaning of some of these metrics, or on the configuration, operation or use of the application in general, I invite you to consult the user manual of the Wind-Kite Pro application, in interactive PDF format, which will bring you all the answers to your questions. The Lite application takes up the spirit and all the foundations of its big sister, so you will find all the answers there, which you can transpose into this Lite version.

Link to manual page: download manual

Data recorded into the FIT file

In the FIT file, the following data are saved:

▪ GPS track of the session


▪  speed, in km / h or knots, if this speed is equal or higher than the chosen planing speed

▪ the current VMG, in km/h-mph or knots

▪ the height of each jump of the session

▪ the efficiency of the upwind and downwind angle

▪ the efficiency score index of your speed / angles for each navigation angle

▪ the wind speed (scalable if weather forecasts data have been collected)

as lap:

▪ the height + length + airtime for each jump, in meters or feet

▪ the jibe score for each jibe done

summary data:

▪ the number of jumps made during the session

▪ the height / length / airtime for the best jump of the session

▪ the best speed on 2 and 5 seconds runs

▪ the best speed on 10 and 30 seconds runs

▪ the best average speed on an Alpha500 challenge (if this data exists)

▪ the best VMG ans its TWA - True Wind Angle

▪ the average jibe score for all the session

▪ the overall score for speed efficiency in relation to navigation angles

▪ your own feeling of the session (score ranking)

The 2 screens of the app

Temporary screen after performing a jump (Jump settings menu option)

A jump has just been made, this screen remains displayed temporarily for 7-8 seconds then disappears to reappear on the next jump.

The red lines here indicate that the jump that has just been made is the highest jump of the session.

Weather data screen

The main screen (no session/pause mode)

The main screen (active session)

The main screen (30° inclined)

Watch on right wrist = screen tilted 30° to the left

Watch on left wrist = screen tilted 30° to the right

The second screen

The statistical screens

FIT file recorded data (summary area)