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JMG-APP Wind-Kite Pro

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The first and most complete application of the Garmin store for windsurfingwindfoiling, kitesurfingkitefoilingwing surfingwing foilingsnowkitingland and ice sailing.




This page looks like this:


1- a first part presenting the user manual in its entirety, in interactive PDF format. You have the possibility to download it, either by clicking on the dedicated button, at the top of this page, or directly via the download button integrated in the PDF below.


2- some screen animations concerning the operation of certain features offered by the application, which cannot be integrated into the PDF file


3- a slideshow of the different screens of the application

User manual

Depending the quality of your network speed, the manual may take a while to display so, please wait a few moments.


Setting up the wind axis + speed

Weather forecasts display

Popup screen following a jump

  • H. = jump height, in the selected unit (meters or feet)
  • L. = jump length, in the selected unit (meters or feet)
  • A. = airtime in seconds

Wind efficiency

In this example, the wind axis is defined to 153°, materialized by the blue cursor, always oriented to the north of the watch regardless of the value of this axis.

Your course is indicated by the black cursor: when you sail west (course of 270°), you form an angle of -117° relative to the wind axis (right hand) therefore, the gauge becomes green and therefore covers an angle of 117°, you are good ! When your heading approaches the axis of the wind, the gauge changes from orange to red (facing the wind) to go back to the left hand (change of tack), until you find a heading which allows you to generate an angle located in the green zone, for example a course of 30° (NE); and so on.

This screen shows you the efficiency score of your speed in each angle zone (ratio between your speed in each zone compared to your average speed per zone combined with the wind speed - if this data exists). The value displayed in the center of the screen is a global combination of all scores by angle area. The median score is at a value of 100, which means optimal overall speed efficiency.

In this example, the most efficient angles (those where your speed is most efficient) are between -80-120 ° right hand and 100-120 ° left hand; the angles between -140 / + - 180 / + 140 ° correspond to the passage of the jibe, which explains a lower speed.

See also the explanatory image below for further details on this screen (seventh screen).

Advanced mapping screen

Last screens of the end session screens

Second screen in action

Third screen in action