Wind-Kite Pro - Nouvelle MAJ 4.26 / New update 4.26

  • modification du comportement de la fonctionnalité wave riding: les surfs seront comptabilisés s'ils sont parallèles à la vague, et d'une durée supérieure ou égale à 5 secondes
  • mise à jour du manuel utilisateur
  • modification of the behavior of the wave riding feature: surfs will be counted if they are parallel to the wave, and of a duration greater than or equal to 5 seconds
  • updated the user manual

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  • #1

    Christine (jeudi, 04 mai 2023 13:58)

    Can this be used for surf?

  • #2

    J-M (jeudi, 04 mai 2023 14:37)

    Thanks Christine for your question. If your surf falls within the current criteria (surf parallel to the wave + duration equal to or greater than 5 seconds) then yes, it will be counted as new lap. But this angle is relatively restrictive for now. So, probably in the future, I will add the possibility that the rider can set the angle of his choice in relation to the axis of the wave so that all types of surf could be supported (parallel, 45° or almost perpendicular to the wave).

  • #3

    Nicolas (samedi, 06 mai 2023 18:02)

    Le mode wide screen fait planter l'application... J'ai une pheonix 6 pro solar...