Welcome to my website presentation of original musical works. Classical composer for over 25 years now, I compose works that all fit in our contemporary times, but are nonetheless imbued with a great neo-romantic inspiration. This natural inspiration and transmits in all types of works, the piece for piano, or the symphony, through the concerto or the symphonic poem.

My music is not meant intellectual, mathematical or so-called "serious", I just write as I understand it, so it speaks to the heart and soul of the one who listens.

The records that are available you obviously have not been realized in the studio or live, unfortunately! So I used an MAO studio, with sound samples to better reproducing the stamps of the instruments used, tends to reproduce the acoustic ambience of a real orchestra. This process will never equal the acoustics of a real orchestra, but it tends to get closer to the best than to listening, the listener forgets gradually timbralité to not only focus on music...

I hope you enjoy listening to this music and exotic which, I hope, will bring you as much happiness as I had to compose.


  • Classically trained in the study of music theory and piano at the Music Conservatory
  • Practice the piano in a jazz septet of Perpignan for a year
  • Study of songwriting and orchestration by himself
  • Composition of the first chamber music works
  • Composition of orchestral and symphonic works
  • Meeting with Vibration Duo (Clarinet - Cello), who interpreted some works in public concerts in the Nancy region. Some pieces have been specially composed for this formation, as well as for piano trio
Duo Vibration
Duo Vibration


  • chamber music (piano pieces, pieces for small ensemble of strings, winds, duo, trio, quartet, etc.)
  • symphonic music (symphonies, poems, etc.)
  • concert (concerti for one or more instruments, etc)
  • musical tales (stories for children)
  • film music, documentaries, etc.


You can contact me for any request for a specific work, if your project concerns a music for a movie, a documentary, a video game, an advertising ... or any other project that requires the production of a musical composition.