JMG-APP Surfing-Paddling

The first and most complete application of the Garmin store for surfing and paddle surfing, currently available in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian).


Seven screens are available:


 - screen 1: main screen (current speed, the number of surfs made since the beginning of the session, the elapsed distance, the accelerometer, the time in stop / pause mode, or the chrono in running mode, and the indicator GPS signal quality (green = good, orange = medium, red = poor or nonexistent), and the type of activity in progress (surf = purple or swim = pink)


- screen 2: screen of the current session (accelerometer, heart rate with colored HR zones, the last three data of the last surf realized, in white (time - distance - speed), and the three data of the best surf realized during the session, in orange (time - distance - speed)


- screen 3 (only for high memory devices): uses the same data as the second screen, but in graphical form, with the addition of the time (in 12/24 hour format) and the current speed (see the descriptive image below for more explanations)


- screen 4 (only for high memory devices): "Ideal Spot" geolocation screen. This screen allows you to record your GPS position on the water at any time, and return to it using a heading and distance indication (see explanations below)


- screen 5screen of the best surf realized with, the best time, the longest distance traveled, and the best time, compared to the best surf over all the sessions


- statistical screen: the total number of surfing, the total distance, the surfing and swimming times, all sessions combined, in value and represented on a ratio gauge (surf time in purple and swimming time in pink)


- end session screen: displays a summary of the main data obtained during the session


  In the FIT file, the following data is saved:

- speed, in km / h or knots (graph, Garmin default data)

- altitude (graph, default Garmin data)

- caloric expenditure during the session (Garmin default data)

- the number of surfs (left side and right side) of the session (summary)

- surf time of the session (summary)

- swimming time of the session (summary)

- the best surf time of the session (summary)

- the longest surf distance of the session (summary)

- the best surf speed of the session (summary)

- caloric expenditure during the session (summary)

- the rating of your session (summary)


Each surf is recorded as a lap, with the following data (in addition to Garmin data): its duration, distance, and speed. This will appear as a list / table in the activity summary in the intervals tab of the page.


Note: all the options set in the menu are permanently saved into the watch so, no need to configure them each time you launch the application.


Given its complexity and time spent developing, the price of this application is set to 10 US dollars.


For further detailed explanations, you can consult the detailed images below.


Despite all the care taken in this application, it could remain some hidden bugs, or possible malfunctions. Therefore, thank you to contact me directly by email to inform me rather than posting bad comments on the site, I will then do what is necessary to fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.


Currently unemployed, I develop applications for the Garmin community to stay active and in the wind.

The paid version can be unlocked via my Paypal account (see the link above), with the possibility to pay with credit cards too.


Don't forget to mention the name of the application, JMG-APP Surfing, your gender (0= female,  1 = male), your birth year and your height mentioned in your Garmin profile, in your PayPal comment.


Please, feel free to enjoy !


Entering the activation code

for all watch models, the activation code is entered directly from the application menu:

menu -> Options -> Activation Code -> Unlock Code


Preparing and using the app

- launch the application, like any other application

- first, you should set the application to your needs (background color, units, etc.). To do this, enter the application menu (long press the UP button) and select the parameters at your convenience. All the choices made in the menu are permanently stored on the watch so there is no need to re-enter them each time the application is launched.

- then, before each session, you must set the minimum speed from which a surf will be detected (enter the menu - press the UP key - then, "Surf Speed", you have the choice between 2 options here:

  • either directly enter the value of the speed ("Set Surf Speed" menu) in the currently selected unit (km / h or knots), because you already know it or estimate it easily
  • either by calculating the wave periodicity ("Set Wave Period" menu). It's very simple: observe the waves and count the number of seconds separating each wave (for example, take a landmark for the first wave, and count the number of seconds between the arrival of the next wave to that wave's landmark). Enter the calculated value, in seconds, using the selector and confirm. The application will then automatically deduce the speed of the waves

- point the north of your watch facing the waves to recover their course in degrees (at the top right of the main screen, you have a red area indicating the current course); this setting will allow you to determine and record your surfs right or left side of each wave)

- finally, launch the application by pressing the START key (the red zone of the waves course becomes green)


- scrolling between screens is achieved by simply clicking the UP or DOWN key


- you can pause the session by pressing the START key then "Pause" menu, and resume recording with a second press on the same key then, "Resume" menu

(pause = orange dots, active = green dots, stop = red dots)

- to end the session, you press the START key, a menu appears, proposing you to either reject or save the session. Then, a summary screen will be proposed to you, summarizing the main data of the session

- to quit the application in stop mode (when no session has been started), click on the LAP button, not on the START button


- the current time is displayed in the following 3 modes: when the application is waiting to be started, in pause mode, and in the minimalist screen otherwise, the timer is displayed.


"Perfect Spot" geolocation screen

This screen allows you to record your GPS position at any time when you are in the water and, when you have surfed a wave and want to come back to this point, you just need to follow the instructions displayed on screen , and there you go !

This can be very useful when, for example, you find an ideal starting point for surfing and you want to be able to come back to it after having drifted hundreds of meters after a surf, for example. With this screen, you will thus have the possibility to easily retreive this "ideal point".


  • in stop / pause / start mode, the dark blue cursor indicates the course according to the orientation of the watch (north at the top of the dial, west at left, south at bottom, and east at right), like on a compass rose
  • when you are in the water and want to save a POI, simply press the LAP / BACK key of the watch (swipe to the right for watches with a touch screen only). A popup then appears on the screen, associated with a vibration, to indicate that the POI has just been saved. A second light blue cursor then appears on the screen
  • surf the wave, you will then move away from this POI
  • to come back to this precise POI, the light blue cursor indicates the course towards this point compared to your current position: for example, on the explanatory image below, the course to follow is indicated by the value on the top, and corresponds to the direction almost south from your position (SSO). The bottom value also tells you the distance from this POI
  • for users who have no difficulty finding their way in space, they just have to go in the direction indicated (by the value and / or the cursor). For others, place your watch more or less horizontally and orient / turn it around you to match the dark blue cursor with the sky blue cursor. When the two cursors are aligned, you just have to swim in the same direction as the top of your watch, so simple!
  • the closer you get to the POI and the more the distance value decreases, the colored central circle will remain red up to a distance of 20 meters then, will change thru orange, yellow, light green and dark green, by decrement of 5 meters. So, if you enter within a 5 meter perimeter around this POI, the circle will remain dark green, and you know that you are right on the POI! Cool, right?


  1. this functionality will only work efficiently and precisely depending on the quality of the GPS signal received by the watch and / or the precision or reliability of the sensors inside the watch, of course
  2. if you want to see / check how this functionality works, you can test it on the ground, it will work in the same way: start a session as usual, wait for the green dot of GPS signal quality, position yourself at a given point and press the LAP / BACK button. Then, move tens of meters and follow the steps / indications explained above to return to this POI


Reset data/scores

You have the option to reset two types of data:

  • only the best scores: your records, better performances. This data is displayed on the "Best Surf" screen
  • all values: the best scores + all the data recorded over all your sessions ("Stat" screen)

Note that the reset is an irreversible function, all data will be lost after this action.


Assign values / scores

This feature allows you to manually assign a value to the data displayed on the "Stats" screen. This can be useful for example in the case of a replacement / change of your watch, and you do not want to loose all your global statistics. The data entry follows the same order as the data displayed on the "Stats" screen, to simplify your input.


Minimalist screen

In order to have the time permanently displayed on the screen, you can activate the minimalist screen: this screen presents the essentials and the minimum information, with an extended font (time, chrono, current speed, and colored arches - see the meaning of these arcs on the descriptive image below). This screen is easily readable during navigation, especially for surfers with a visual weakness and who can not wear their glasses in navigation.

This screen is activated in the application menu - Options -> Essential Wide ->Activate on/off

When it is activated, it is displayed when the session is started and therefore active. When you put the session in pause mode, this screen disappears to make room for all other screens, so you can, for example, see your performance / detailed information when you pause. When you restart your session, the minimalist screen reappears again.


Obtaining the bearing of the waves

Minimalist screen

First and second screen

Third screen (graphical screen)

Geolocation screen - "Perfect Spot"

Fourth screen and stats screen

End-of-session screen

FIT file data